Troubleshooting the Build A Hulda Clark Zapper Kit

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Troubleshooting Hulda Clark Zapper Kit

The Hulda Clark Zapper has not been licensed as a medical device by the US FDA. The Build Your Own Zapper Kit is sold as an educational tool only. No medical claims are intended by the sale of these electronic parts. Our Zapper Kit is a great project for a school science fair or to learn the basics of building simple electronics. Please note that when ordering electronic parts and kits we can assume no liability on the customer's ability to use them. Safety, craftsmanship, experience, and ability are the user's responsibility. Electronic parts are small and fragile. We can not offer refunds or replacements on electronic parts. Buy electronic parts and kits only if you believe you can accomplish the work.

The 555 CMOS Timer is the most likely part to need replacement, so it may be smart to order extras when building a kit.

The 555 CMOS Timer is vulnerable to static electricity. If you walk on a carpeted floor and the 555 receives a static shock it may burn out and need replacement. If you ever touch the 9-volt battery backwards to the battery snap, it may burn out the 555. You may want to protect your 555 by adding a 1N914 Switching Diode to your kit.